A Mantra for those dealing with complex trauma.

A psychologist gave me this at my second assessment, as he felt I have complex trauma from childhood. This is my example, but you can write your own, or adjust this in any way you like, in your own words.

I hope this helps you, and I will talk and write more about this when I get my new computer.

When I was very young, I experienced threats I should not have experienced at a young age. In addition, I assumed I was unsafe in the world around me.

Now I am grown up, I am unsafe no longer.

The bad things have stopped happening for 9 and a half years.

I can now protect myself; I am no longer need to interpret my life as unsafe.

I am safe now!

You can repeat these every day, when you get worried, deeply depressed, or feeling suicidal. Here is a doc of the mantra to download, and use, or to add your own words. a-worksheet-of-a-mantra-for-complex-trauma-and-ptsd

If you would like to donate towards a new computer so that I can make more posts like this.


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